Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Parsec Awards Results

The results are in. I didn't win, but, hey, that's alright. Being a finalist is just as nice, I think. Congrats to all those who brought home an award from Dragon Con. A lot of great shows were present at the awards.

You can watch the awards ceremony here below. I'll admit. It was pretty cool seeing my name up on that screen.

Here are the results:

2007 Parsec Awards Winners!!!

Best Speculative Fiction Story Short Form: No World for Warriors

Best Speculative Fiction Novella Form: The Arwen

Best Speculative Fiction Novel Form: The Immortals

Best Audio Drama (Short Form): Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Best Audio Drama (Long Form): Prometheus Radio Theatre

Best Audio Production: The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Best Video Production: Missing Pages

Best Video: Missing Pages

Best Non-Speculative Fiction: Number One with a Bullet

Best Fan Podcast: The Signal

Best Speculative Fiction News: Skepticality

Best Anime: Geek Nights Anime

Best Gaming: Pulp Gamer - Inside Track

Best Graphic Literature Podcast: Comics Radar

Best Infotainment Cast: Pulp Gamer - Out of Character

Best Reality Podcast: Tag in the Seam

Best Tech Podcast: Command Line

Best Writing Related Podcast: I Should Be Writing


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